According to the data of World Food Organization, dried apricot production in the world is 227 thousand tons and Turkey with 142 thousand tons of production. It has a 63% share.


With a production share of 16 million tons, Brazil is the world leader in orange production. Turkey, on the other hand, ranks seventh in production, meeting 4% of the world's orange production.


Turkey's grape production was 3.9 million tons, according to TUIK's 2020 data, 1.9 million tons of this production for table, 1.5 million tons for drying and 464 thousand tons for wine-grape juice.


The production of China, which is the largest walnut producer in the world, reached approximately 1.6 million tons with an increase of 1.4% in 2018. USA comes after China in walnut production and its production is approximately 620 thousand tons. Turkey, on the other hand, ranked fourth in walnut production with a share of 5.9%.


While lavender production was realized in an area of 8,700 decares in 2018 in Turkey, the size of the production area has exceeded 10,000 decares as of this year. Approximately 1,500 tons of lavender flowers are obtained from these fields, and 20-30 tons of lavender oil is obtained from flowers.


Asparagus is a type of plant that has many species and can be encountered at any time with its wide usage area. The asparagus plant can be used as a vegetable and finds a place in different dishes. Asparagus, which is also used as an ornamental plant, adds an aesthetic atmosphere to living spaces with its fine and elegant leaves.